Hypnobirthing Classes in Cornwall...

Practising hypnobirthing during pregnancy enables you to increase confidence and reduce anxiety. The more relaxed and positive you feel, the quicker, more comfortable and calmer your baby's birth is likely to be, however you give birth¹

Hypnobirthing in Cornwall

"Oscar's birth was a wonderful, magical experience thanks to you!"  Emma, St Eval

A full, affordable hypnobirthing course for mums and birth partners...

  Cornwall classes with Alice Kirby
The mind-body connection

  How to increase comfort

  Hypnosis for relaxation & focus
  Useful tools for partners
  Helpful breathing techniques
  Processing fears, anxieties and doubts
  Using affirmations and visualisation
  Creating an optimal birth environment 

"I recommend you to absolutely everyone!" Jayne, (midwife)

"Yours was the only voice I liked listening to!" Kerry, Bath

Hypnobirthing workshops in Cornwall

cornwall hypnobirthing workshops

  Hypnobirthing program of 10 MP3s
Experience hypnosis sessions
  Watch the famous short film 'Birth Day'
  Download 1 hour of relaxing birth music
  Free access to my online course
  Weekly e-newsletter & daily affirmations
  Ongoing support via email / phone

Our very heartfelt thanks to you for an excellent course. We really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. We feel closer on our journey to having our baby. We felt that your delivery was professional, yet personal and from the heart" Katy & Adam, Manaccan

Which hypnobirthing company?

We all essentially teach the same thing. Whichever you choose, the key to success is your commitment to regular ongoing practise in your own time. A longer or more expensive course doesn't in itself improve results (I've taught them!) My approach is deliberately straight to the point, no nonsense ~ you'll be up and running with your practise immediately. This is Cornwall's longest running hypnobirthing course, and over the past 10+ years my families have achieved amazing results ~ read our hypnobirthing stories

"Alice is fantastic at what she does! We saw Alice in person twice, but also felt safe in knowing we could always ask her for advice at any time during the pregnancy. Our birth was amazing... If you want to be as prepared as you can for birth, and want it to be a natural and empowering
 experience, I would highly recommend Alice!!" 
Jemma, Truro


Private hypnobirthing workshops are held at your Cornwall home or holiday accommodation. I bring everything I need ~ just provide a quiet space to chat and relax.


If you schedule workshops to begin from around 25 to 30 weeks, you'll probably be more focused to practise the techniques regularly. If you're full term the course is still worthwhile. If you're in the early months (or planning to conceive) and terrified of the thought of giving birth, you're welcome to book any time.

Choose between:

  • 2 x 2/3 hour workshops
  • 1 x single 4/5 hour intensive

Fee (inc expenses): £150 (or £25 online)

In-person or online?

It's up to you... Home visits might increase your motivation to invest time into your practise. Practical demonstrations enable you to try out your hypnobirthing tools under expert guidance. My workshops also include lots of personal consultation, e.g. discussing your individual needs and choices. Some birth partners might be more likely to get involved in home workshops.

On the other hand, some people may prefer to cover the concepts and materials in their own time, my online course also has great reviews, and you save £125! I'm available to answer any queries via email, whichever choice you make...

"I cannot recommend this highly enough. Alice's hypnobirthing workshops helped me have a really wonderful birth (despite being unexpectedly induced!) and I'm certain that not only I benefited but also my partner and our little boy"  Rae, Helston

  • Explore how to create an optimal birth environment