Cornwall birth doula services...

A birth doula, companion or coach is an experienced, knowledgeable person chosen by you, who offers continuous care, emotional and practical support, antenatal education, preparation and neutral guidance to the whole family throughout pregnancy, birth and the early days...

Studies indicate that our births in the presence of a doula may be:

  • rated as more satisfying
  • shorter
  • more comfortable
  • less complex

The Royal College of Midwives supports a mother's choice to engage the services of a birth doula. 
Check out this short Doula UK video and this brilliant article: 'what doulas really wish you knew about their job'

How much does a Cornwall birth doula charge?

Brand new, mentored doulas might work for expenses only, or for a few hundred pounds inclusive. Medium experience doulas may be booked in the £500 - £750 region, and a doula who has been working for a few years may be up to £1,000.

Independent midwives charge up to £5,000 for a complete package of antenatal, birth and postnatal care.


I'm no longer working as a birth doula... If you'd like help in finding one do browse the Cornwall doula directory